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St. Columba Catholic School is dedicated to nurturing the academic, emotional, physical and spiritual growth of its students with an education based on Christian values within a Catholic framework. 

It is our belief that we must provide programs that will equip our students with the knowledge and experience that will lead them to achieve personal excellence and prepare them to meet the challenges of leadership in the 21st century.

It is the mission of our teaching staff to provide all of our students with a nurturing and welcoming environment, allowing each student to discover and develop their faith, unique academic potential and value system.

From early childhood to young adulthood, we provide each student with a diversified approach for developing critical thinking skills that will enable the student to question, apply, and generate information as an independent or group learner. 

The faculty at St. Columba Catholic School seeks to cultivate each student's self-esteem by promoting positive personal growth.  This awareness of one's self-worth allows the student to become a contributing individual to his or her school, family, and community. 

The familial and ethical atmosphere found at St. Columba contributes to an academic environment in which students feel comfortable and safe to learn.  In addition to developing young minds, St. Columba seeks to develop in its students a strong moral code and an inherent ethical constitution.

St. Columba is committed to educating its students with the cognitive, social, and physical skills that will serve them well as they mature into civic-minded members of our society.

St. Columba provides students with a complete education, one that develops the mind and soul of a life-long learner.