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Mrs. Pruitt-Grade 2

Homework Sheet for Monday, February 27, 2006


News for Today

Students were given the March 2006 Calendar.  For tomorrow, I need your child to bring a white t-shirt.  We will be painting t-shirts for St. Patrick’s Day.  Also, a letter was sent out explaining about the candy sale.  Parents are advised that candies will be given to your child tomorrow.  I would recommend that you pick up your child tomorrow.  Students will receive 2 boxes of candy and monies are due on March 24th.  All Homework assignments are to be signed and placed in the Monday Folder.  Study your assignments carefully.  There could be a pop quiz at anytime.


Reading – Read for 30 minutes and complete the Reading Log Worksheet.


Spelling – Write a definition for each spelling word.


Phonics – Complete Vocabulary Worksheets


Religion – Read in your textbook pages 42a – c and complete page 42D.


Social Studies – Read pages 154 – 157 (Lesson 1) and answer the worksheet I have provided.


Math – Complete Home Links 7.1 and Skills Links page 44.


Science – On drawing paper, draw a picture of the Earth.  The drawing must be realistic with several features.  Get help with the drawing from me or your family.  This will be due on Thursday.  There are NO EXCEPTIONS!  Without this, you will receive a grade of ZERO.


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